Month: September 2016

Wiring Underway

September 23, 2016  Hours spent building to date:  2,884 Energized (pun intended) by my trip West, I came back and tackled the wiring.  I had only planned to do the AC circuits, but the way things worked out I was able to get all the circuits on the port side run to the panel and

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September 18, 2016 I am very lucky that as a wooden boat aficionado I live in the Northeast, so I have been able to see many famous boats built by famous builders — Herreshoff, Brooklin Boat Yard, Rockport Marine, Artisan Boatworks, Doug Hylan.  But I had to travel 3,000 miles to Port Townsend, WA, to admire the best

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Boat Jewelry

September 8, 2016  Hours spent building to date:  2,857 It is ironic that I first heard the term “boat jewelry” from Richard and Jane Beck (builders of the gorgeous Mark Smaalders design Beckon),  since I will be seeing them Saturday at the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival out in Washington state.  I am heading west tonight to

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