Month: November 2017


November 26, 2017 After years of admiring his designs, buying plans and getting to know him through the WoodenBoat School, I am at long last building a Sam Devlin design. I need a dinghy for Tardis, and given the size of the mother-boat, the daughter-boat has to be versatile, light and simple.  That’s a perfect

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November 25, 2017 My undergraduate degree is from Stamford which, from time-to-time, is a college football power. I admit that I have no current knowledge as to the Cardinal’s record or prospects.  But tonight when John and I were cleaning up the kitchen and Molly hollered, “Alabama and Auburn are still playing,” everything stopped so

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Tardis Immortalized

November 19, 2017 Sneaking around behind my back in a beautiful gesture, Molly bid on (and won) a 9X12 pencil portrait of Tardis at a Connecticut River Museum silent auction.  (The package also included 50 4X5 note cards on beautiful paper). Killingworth artist Scott Baldwin did a wonderful job turning a picture taken by John into

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