Month: March 2019

Boat Work and Bugs

March 17, 2019 We are safely ensconced in incredible Legacy Harbour Marina in Fort Myers, and all seems well with the engine — but I want to go more than the 8 miles it took to get here before stating that definitely. This has been a really lazy trip.  I brought my sewing machine, all

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Madison, CT March 9, 2019 So why is the Tardis flying through the air? Why is this post coming to you from Madison, CT? Where to begin? My friend Pat Harris and I were taking the boat across Florida on what had actually been a rather boring cruise across the Okeechobee Waterway from Vero Beach

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And Then There Was the Day I Fell In

March 2, 2019 Everything had been going great in Vero getting the dinghy ready for the big Okeechobee trip — blew right up, fits great on the roof, engine all serviced.  But then I got over confident and tried to attach the engine to the dinghy from a little dock next to the boat that

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