Presto Chango

Final Setup

October 9, 2014  Hours spent building to date:  196

One of the magic moments of boatbuilding is setting up the frames, bulkheads or molds.  After a lot of work, the piles of wooden pieces come together and resemble something that is a lot like a boat.

And on the Tardis, it happened fast.  My friend Ray and I  started at 9, and by noon we stopped because we had run out of wood for the front of the strongback.

Finished up today and went out with Ray and Pat to for a very nice celebratory lunch and some delicious Thimble Islands American Ale.

Setting uprights.

Setting uprights.

Ray at end of Day 1

Ray at end of Day 1.  Ray was once CEO of a bunch of advertising agencies, major magazines and associations.  Now he is a very good Apprentice Boatbuilder.

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