Spring Break

March 20, 2015   Hours spent building to date: 859

keel glassed 1

The first day of Spring — and it has been snowing since noon and will continue to snow all night.  I have seen worse winters (in 1969 in Spokane we had five feet of snow on the ground), but have never known one so unrelenting — three months with not one decent stretch of good weather to take off the edge.

So we are off to Florida for a week to thaw out and for a break from boat sanding.  So far this year, I have reported to the Tardis Project on 71 of the 79 available days, so I think some downtime is due.

The keel is glassed, quite a project, since most of it was done with me on the boat hanging on by my kneepads (literally) and Ray on the ground handing up supplies.  Still has to filled, faired, and (of course) sanded.

Most of the boat is faired out and I will be very proud to show it to John tomorrow when he flies in to take care of the animals.  We have a tentative date for the rollover set, so not long after we return it will be time to declare victory over fairing and roll on the primer.

keel glassed 2 keel glassed 3

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