Trailer Time

April 23, 2015  Hours spent building to date:  986

trailer 1

The trailer has arrived and the flip time has been scheduled:  9 am Saturday.  For any local readers who want to come on down we are at 338 Old Whitfield Street, Guilford, CT (east end of Guilford train station parking lot).

The LoadMaster trailer looks great:  more, better bunks than I anticipated, smooth welds, heavy galvanizing and super radial tires.  Just hope the boat fits.  The people at LoadMaster have been great to work with, and their delivery guy Mel did a great job explaining everything after fighting his way through New York traffic for hours.

I have been working furiously all week on the rollover frame.  Basically you build a giant wooden cradle that holds the boat safely as the machines flip it over.  Big heavy pieces, lots of angles, so I am pretty tired.  But I have had great support and advice from Tom Tolla, CEO of Construction Services Unlimited, two shops down, whose machines will do the heavy lifting.  And my other neighbor Wally Erickson of Erickson Heavy Industries, who is a former boatyard owner and lifetime engineer, designer and metalworker, has really helped think this thing through.  Wally will help us get the boat on the trailer.  More on these two after the flip.

Here are pictures of the frame.  I will take a lot of detailed shots that probably won’t be on the blog, but will be available to future Tardis builders.

rf 1

rf 2

rf 3

rf 4

rf 5

rf 6

trailer 2


One comment on “Trailer Time

  1. Jim Favors
    April 24, 2015 at 7:45 am #

    It appears you’re all ready for the Saturday flip. Your trailer looks well thought out, what type of brake system did you go with?


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