Working Away

August 31, 2015  Hours spent building to date:  1,363

A short week due to the trip to Ohio to deliver John to school and a long weekend in beautiful Westport, MA to visit wonderful old friends, Angie and Alan Scott.

Nevertheless, a few thing got done:

— Bonded in the cockpit sides for a watertight fit.

— Second coat of paint on the tank spaces.

— Finally got the starboard sheer clamp square and vertical.

— With the clamp vertical, patterned the starboard forecabin side.  Looking good.  I’m going to tack patterns on both sides so I can decide how much to bend the beam shelf to take out the flat spot caused because there is no frame in this area.

— Ordered all the tanks after hours of measuring and head scratching.

cockpit bonding

Cockpit bonding.

You have no idea what a pain this is!

You have no idea what a pain it is to get this vertical!

Forecabin pattern -- pretty tight fit.

Forecabin pattern — pretty tight fit.

Paint makes a difference!

Paint makes a difference!

From the loft.

From the loft.

Picture for his motherof John studying in his new apartment.

Picture for his mother of John studying in his new apartment.

The real John!

The real John!

2 comments on “Working Away

  1. Jim Favors
    September 1, 2015 at 8:30 am #

    That’s a big bottle of ice tea John is grasping onto, right????? Tardis looks great, how many gallons of fuel and water will she hold?


  2. memsahibsvoyage
    September 1, 2015 at 6:16 pm #

    Yes, it is a special iced tea brewed in Kentucky.

    70 gals fuel, 45 gals water, 30 gals waste, 1 gal iced tea.


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