She Is Done!

May 25, 2016  Hours spent building to date:  2,536


Well, not the Tardis, but the beautiful Cappy 15 kayak for the Connecticut River Museum is finally finished.  It turned out to be quite a process since this is a two-tone boat and we could only apply one color per day.  So my usual day was drop off the dog at day care, drive over to the CRM in Essex, work with Ray on sanding, paint and finish, back to Guilford for a couple hours on the Tardis.

It is a great-looking boat and I hope we get a lot of builders, but it is good to be done, since she just sucked up so much time.

Back with the Tardis full time, work has accelerated:

— Filled the weave in the roof fiberglass with a coat of epoxy and applied two-part primer.  The whole boat is now solid white, which looks good.

— Got the electrical panel in.

— Since the heart of the electrical system is the batteries, built a battery box so we can start running wires.

— Did a lot of work painting and finishing in the head, which doesn’t lend itself to pictures.

— With a huge hand from my shop neighbor Tom Tolla, John and I resawed all the cherry and mahogany for trim.  A resaw is a great, big bandsaw with a wide blade.  An amateur just can’t afford one.  We sawed through 8-inch planks in no time at all.  After a day at the thickness planer, exterior trim will begin in earnest.

Roof primed

Roof primed

Electrical panel installed

Electrical panel installed

Panel swings out on heavy hinges for easy access

Panel swings out on heavy hinges for easy access

Bad picture of the battery box

Bad picture of the battery box

$500 worth of mahogany doesn't look like much, does it?

$500 worth of mahogany doesn’t look like much, does it?



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