Transom Finished

August 2, 2016  Hours spent building to date: 2,762

transom finished

As with almost all Tardis Project projects, cladding the transom involved a bit more work than anticipated:

— Resaw the mahogany boards (at Tom’s big shop next door) to make thick pieces into thin pieces.

— Plane all boards to equal thickness in the surface planer.

— Set boards in epoxy using temporary screws and many, many clamps.

— Remove the screws, make mahogany bungs on the drill press and glue into the holes (81 of them).

— Sand down the transom.

— Pattern and saw trim for the motor opening, a thick piece of trim for the end of the cockpit, a caprail to join the transom, cladding and cockpit trim together, then more trim for the sides, which will eventually have a bronze protective strip attached.

It all turned out well, so ostensibly to check my work, but in reality to admire my work, I put on a coat of thinned varnish prior to pictures.

This is the transom as of September, 2014.  You will note that there is no boat attached.

This is the transom as of September, 2014. You will note that there is no boat attached.

Two boards on.

Two boards on.

Cladding on.

Cladding on.

Transom sanded.

Transom sanded.

Transom close-up.

Transom close-up.

Trim inside the cockpit.

Trim inside the cockpit.

2 comments on “Transom Finished

  1. tom fulmer
    August 4, 2016 at 5:04 pm #

    When comparing the Transom Sanded photo to the Transom Close-up photo it looks as if you changed the design of the cladding at the bottom of the transom. Curious as to why you may have done that.


    • memsahibsvoyage
      August 4, 2016 at 6:19 pm #

      Ran out of mahogany with roughly matching color and grain, so I used the darker stuff down by the waterline where a lot is covered by bottom paint and where it won’t show as much. At $12.70 a foot, I’m going to use every scrap somewhere.


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