Dog Days

August 18, 2016  Hours spent building to date:  2,810

forecabin trim wide shot

I can only do about three to four hours in the shop these days before the humidity just wears me out.  Better humid and showers than what’s happening to those poor folks in Louisiana.

So I’ve been confined to light work such as cabin trim and shop cleanup, trying to get some of the dust out of the work area before serious painting begins.  I should actually be working on electrical, but the deckhouse collects the heat, so I’m better off with projects that get me on and off the boat.

The curvy separations between the deckhouse, sink area and sleeping area look great, but they do require dozens of trips up and down the ladder between the bandsaw, oscillating spindle sander and router table to get them to fit.  I found some very cool cherry banding 1/32nd of an inch thick with a super-sticky 3M backing that cleans up the edges and hides a lot of sins.

The sheer clamp and stringers in the berth area were looking a bit industrial, so I topped them off with cherry to accentuate the elegant curves in this part of the boat.

Leaving for Ohio Saturday to take John and Sparta the Cat back to college, after which I hope the heat wave will be over.

Trim glue-up -- Those curves are murder, Mark!

Trim glue-up — Those curves are murder, Mark!

Trim port side

Trim port side

Trim starboard side

Trim starboard side

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