Exterior Varnish Done

March 6, 2017  Hours spent building to date:  3,456

One of the suppliers I deal with a lot, Jamestown Distributors, is (I think) going to run some pictures and a blurb on Tardis in their next catalog.  So I took some shots for them of the newly-finished exterior varnish.

This, as most things, took more time as usual since in some the crazy 10 degree to 60 degree weather we’ve been having, there were some days when the varnish felt just a little too greasy to sand, and I had to skip a day.  But that allowed me to start moving ahead on the steering gear.

I used seven coats of varnish.  The usual application is either six or eight coats, but my theory is that with all the holidays and d0-overs, seven gives me a net six coats on any given piece of wood.

The camera is very kind to my work, smoothing out all the rough patches and hiding the dribbles.  The actual boat looks okay, but not exactly super-yacht quality by any means.

One comment on “Exterior Varnish Done

  1. Pat Harris
    March 6, 2017 at 8:23 pm #

    I know Paul Kessinger and I know he’s being modest about his varnish work.

    Without even seeing it I know
    Tardis will be near perfect!!!


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