Rain Delay

April 24, 2017   Hours spent building to date:  3,730

With a lot of help from Ray, we are in the final stretch ready to get Tardis to the engine installer — but she’s not going tomorrow since another Nor’easter is on the way.

Anyway, Ray and I hung the door and it looks good.  The bulkhead near it is a little bit bowed so not a perfect fit, but a barrel bolt needed to keep the door shut anyway has it closing fine.

There was a LOT of wiring needed for the steering system, but it is done, as well as the box that houses it, which will also serve as a seat.

It made sense while the boat was in the shop to install the large pieces of the cabin sole, so they are in.  It’s basically just a thin piece of teak and holly plywood glued to the subfloor, but altogether it makes 3/4 inch of thickness and seems very solid.

The boat will now leave for Atlantic Outboard on Thursday.

Door outside

Door inside

Floors are looking great even without finish.

Power steering electric adds to the spaghetti in the battery box, but I will clean up over time.

Power steering wiring

Power steering box and seat



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