On Vacation

February 27, 2018

Molly is on the boat!

Molly was aboard for 10 days and NOTHING got done on the boat.  For the first time since I retired in 2012, I have really been feeling retired and we had a great time in Vero and Miami, seeing old friends, visiting great gardens (Molly’s passion), eating wonderful meals and enjoying a streak of (even for Vero) perfect weather.

Again, the Tardis passed an important test.  For a boat her size, she has a very commodious interior thanks to the raised deck and the way everything fits together courtesy of Mark.  I have felt very comfortable living aboard, but I wondered about Molly.  Everything went fine.  Even with her bad back (better recently) and a huge step from dock to boat at low tide, everyhting worked out two people seemed to fit nicely aboard.  Once in a while, it is tight between the dining table and the sink, but that’s about it.  The sleeping area is very comfortable, airy  and non-claustrophobic, and the new dinette table works fine for watching TV and movies

We down to Miami to visit our friends George and Heather, and they took us to a Venezuelan restaurant.  Wonderful food and a EXTREMELY warm welcome by folks who are so glad not to be in Venezuela. I mentioned that the Miami Boat Show was happening that weekend, but we wouldn’t be going since parking is just impossible and it’s a mob scene.  George pointed out that there was a water shuttle out to the show just north of our hotel, so off we went!

The trip out to the show (on an island between Miami and Miami Beach) was spectacular, and we saw some interesting boats.  But the big new thing is 50-foot center consoles with three or four huge 400 hp engines.  I guess what you do is roar out and fish for a couple hours, then roar back and put $2,000 worth of gas in the tanks.  Then back to work for next weekend’s gas.

I specifically went to see some of the big catamaran sailboats for my multihull friends, and saw Gino Morelli standing around doing nothing, so I had our picture taken.  Gino Morelli is probably the most famous designer of around-the-world racing catamarans in the world.  Hard to explain to non-sailors, but me standing to Gino is akin to Tom Cruise in Top Gun standing next to a three-year-old on a tricycle.

Highlights in Vero included a fabulous dinner (and great wine) at Amalfi with Pat and Julia Harris.  It’s one of the best Italian restaurants I’ve ever been in and it’s here, not New York.  Also had a great visit with Anne-Marie and Oscar Sales and children.  Marie was John’s nanny from age 3 months to 3 years, and she and her kids our closer family to us than most of our family.

I want to dock this boat in front of the New York Yacht Club at Harbor Court in Newport. “Mind if we tie up here while we get some lunch?”

Q: Why does this boat have four 400 hp engines? A: Because they couldn’t fit five.

Ranger 27 — A great boat very close in concept to Tardis — for $200,000.

Yet another Tardis knockoff — the Outer Reef 86.

Grand Banks 60, twin 800hp diesels, 30 knots, $2 million. I remember when you could buy a GB with a 135hp Ford engine for $100,000 and chug off into contentment at 6 knots.

My new friend Gino Morelli

HH55 – a superbig, superfast cat. $3 million but my friend Gino says that would be negotiable for the OGL Syndicate.

Marie’s was babysitting her friend’s child Seth.

Marie’s kids Sebastian and Elissa

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