Credit Where Credit is Due

April 10, 2019

As you could sense from my last post, the engine and all systems were working great cruising around Pine Island Sound.

Dave, Peggy and the whole team at Sweetwater Landing Marina did a great job in a difficult situation. I pulled in out of the blue to get a new prop, and ended up with half a new engine. Since I decided to go home to wait things out, I really had to depend on Dave to run interference with the parts people, shippers and Boat US insurance to work within my flight schedule. And he had to deal with supernervous me calling him every day. He’s just a really good guy.

I would guess there are over 500 outboard engines hanging off boats at Sweetwater, a huge storage facility and nice little marina. So they seem to really know their stuff.

Here’s another miracle — Boat US picked up the whole tab! It’s a pretty easy claims process, but communications breaks down sometimes, since you don’t have a case manager. Every time you call, they open up the file and start over. But I finally got a senior Boat US person connected to Peggy the office manager at Sweetwater, who had all the paperwork down cold and knows the insurance ropes, and the next thing you know there was a check in the mail for five grand!

I’m not shedding too many tears for Boat US (Geico) since after many years of paying premiums they are still ahead of me in the game. Warren Buffett knows a great business when he sees one!

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