Olga 28 Rendevous, Fall 2022, NC

February 1, 2021

Arnhem, the Olga 28 being built in North Carolina is really coming along. Like Freidbert’s, a magnificent build. I look at my little epoxy-filled gaps and planning errors (not too many!) and think, “Well, somebody had to go first.”

One comment on “Olga 28 Rendevous, Fall 2022, NC

  1. Ton Schoenmakers
    February 2, 2021 at 6:32 pm #

    Paul, It is always the First, who is the Bravest and will be remembered so. Ask David R. Scott.
    Both Sytse and I learned a lot from your extensive stories, pictures and comments.

    Without setbacks, planning calls for an Arnhem launch late summer or fall this year. We certainly look forward to a “First-Ever Olga Meet”

    Thanks for the continued updates.


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