Mark Was Way Ahead of Us

December 13, 2021

It turns out Mark had already been thinking about both transom or “pod” mount for an Olga “stretched” to 31 feet, but just hadn’t produced plans yet. It looks fantastic.

Here’s the link:

If I still had the shop and was five years younger, I’d build a 31 with the pod and big cabin for Florida and keep my 28 up here!

After Maine next summer, I will have the Tardis here in Connecticut over the winter and summer of 2023. I’m pretty sure I will convert to the transom/splashwell version, but by then will know what Syste and Ton are up to to be sure.

One comment on “Mark Was Way Ahead of Us

  1. Ton Schoenmakers
    December 13, 2021 at 9:05 pm #

    Sytse and I committed to work on his Olga only on Fridays, but I think this has been on our minds 24/7. I sent you an email with details to join the WhatsApp discussion we will have next Friday, 12/17 )Eastern Time) Wondering if we also should include Mark, since he already anticipated the demise of outboard engines on boats for multi-day usage.
    I’ll still have a few days to figure that out.


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