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Final Winter Projects

April 24, 2021 Once the rebuilt drawers were in and I had finished the engine cover lid and new deck boxes, literally the rest of the winter was spent painting or varnishing every single surface on the boat. Aside from the spots that were still victims of the Great Mold Invasion of 2018 and the

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Olga 28 Rendevous, Fall 2022, NC

February 1, 2021 Arnhem, the Olga 28 being built in North Carolina is really coming along. Like Freidbert’s, a magnificent build. I look at my little epoxy-filled gaps and planning errors (not too many!) and think, “Well, somebody had to go first.”


January 11, 2021 That’s a scary word to a plywood/fiberglass boat builder. No, the hull is fine (I poke, prod, tap and check it about once a month). But far into the project I ran out of the super-grade Brynzeel marine plywood I used to build the majority of the boat. I just didn’t want

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What Every Sailor Wants…

… A Trimaran! After the tippiecanoe episode, I determined that some sort of solution other than a miraculous reversion to my 20-40 year old self was in order. I received several suggestions, among which was building another canoe just like the first and linking them together Polynesian style. But that led me to Google to

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Covid Canoe Launched!

October 13, 2020 The new canoe is beautiful, light (32 pounds), easily handled, and fast. BUT MY GOD IT IS TIPPY! See video here: I finally got going after two dips in the Neck River, after figuring out paddling a skinny canoe is like riding a bike: a) You have to know how to

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Proof of Concept

October 3, 2020 Tardis went one long cruise and one short one, on anchor for the most part, giving the new electrical arrangements a good test. The first cruise went east into Narragansett Bay with stops at West Harbor, Fishers Island; Point Judith Pond; Potters Cove, Prudence Island; Sakonnet Marina (3 days so Molly could

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Off the Grid

August 27, 2020 We’re holed up in Sakannot Marina, Narragansett Bay, waiting out bad thunderstorms that actually caused tornadoes back home in Connecticut!  The picture is from Mystic Seaport, where I’ve been looking at the extremely shallow anchorage in the Mystic River just north of the museum for something like 35 years and finally have

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Covid Canoe and Cruising

July 22, 2020   I have been working on a little strip-planked canoe called a “Nymph” for about a year, but it is pretty complicated process, and I kept getting sidetracked by travel, the big boat, political campaigns, etc. — until now, of course. With the pandemic and the long process of getting my eyes

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Finishing Touches

June 13, 2020 With some cataract surgery coming up and my distance vision so-so, I have been hesitant to go out on the water lest I whack a kayaker or two  So I haven’t rushed to get the boat launched.  Also, local cruising would be about it, since traveling state-to-state is still a little problematic.

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A Challenging Project

May 31, 2020 We were in no hurry to get Tardis north from Florida, both for the safety of ace haulers Chadd and Tracey and because they were concerned that if they traveled to the New York area, they would face 14 days of quarantine going back. We had planned to spend the summer in

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