Starting at the Top


August 9, 2014

Last winter and spring were ridiculously busy:  getting Memsahib ready for her new owners, building a boat for the Connecticut River Museum, refinishing and refurbishing three of my own boats so I could get them out of the shop.  Oh, and going to Scandinavia for 10 days to look at Viking boats.

But I wanted to do something involving the Tardis Project as glue set or paint dried on all the other boats.  Then on my very favorite boatbuilding site of all, Lackey Sailing (, I watched Tim Lackey build a pair of “running board”  navigation lights for his own motorsailer Momentum.  Tim is the Stradivarius of boat restoration, taking wrecks and turning them into extraordinary showroom-quality yachts that are fat better after the Lackey treatment than they were the day they were launched.

I had to have a pair for Tardis, so these lights are the very first thing I built.  They also add tremendous mental leverage, because if all I ever build is these, with no hull or boat to go under them, I will feel pretty stupid.





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