Friedbert’s Build

January 5, 2015  Hours spent building to date:  506

It took some big clamps and big screws, but two more planks are on the bottom, up forward where they really have some bend.

To assume a fair curve, they lift a little off the stringers at station 10, since the stringer is unsupported and a bit flat in that area.  Will need a tiny shim, but the planking itself looks very nice.

Mark sent a link to Friedbert’s Olga 28 build in Germany.  I will also put it in the links section.  Friedbert’s build is actually a diesel “Luna.”  Looks like he used a CNC machine to cut the frames and bulkheads.  Beautiful job so far, and I have spent hours studying the pictures.  The pictures are accessed through the links at the bottom of the home page.

Here’s Friedbert’s site:

The second batch of pictures are of his very efficient roll-over.  Ours will probably be a bit more dramatic, involving a crane, the Guilford High School football team and a fife-and-drum corps.

starboard planking

forward bottom planking

forward bottom planking 2

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