Slogging On

May 24, 2015  Hours spent building to date:  1,060

A terrible head cold and other responsibilities limited time on the Tardis this week, but I did manage to start serious bonding work and finish a couple small carpentry projects.

The chine is done in the forepeak, with one strip of 12 oz. biaxial tape 4″ wide covered by another strip of conventional  9 oz. tape 8″ wide.  The forward bulkhead is the same, with 6″ cover tape.

Fiberglass tabbing always looks very crude when you glue it in, but in this boat 95% is covered by other structures, and the other 5% will smooth out with hours of sanding and filling.

Carpentry projects included installing plywood webs in the engine splashwell to make a bombproof connection to the motor mount, which will in turn be bonded to everything else.  I also ground down all the fiberglass overhang and drips from the sheer, because I couldn’t stand to look at them any more and to get an idea of how this critical area will eventually be finished off.


On-board bonding shop.

On-board bonding shop.

Forepeak bonding

Forepeak bonding

Motorwell webs

Motorwell webs

Chine ground down and looking pretty good.

Chine ground down and looking pretty good.



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