Rollover Redux

June 14, 2015  Hours spent building to date: 1,116

Since bonding makes for very unexciting photography (epoxy, tape, more tape, more epoxy), I want to share some great pictures I just received from my friend Bob Scott.  When Bob wasn’t pushing and tugging on the boat, he was taking stills, while Molly handled the video.  I think those of the boat going onto the trailer give a much better picture of what the Tardis really looks like than the ones in the shop.

That big bow really has a West Coast look to it — very much like the Pacific Northwest salmon trollers, but in its present state also very reminiscent of a San Diego tuna clipper.  The cabin house will bring the bow into  proportion visually, but am I very satisfied even now in having that strong, purposeful structure between me and the waves.  I am in the midst of a lot of carpentry up there right now.   Upcoming pictures will demonstrate how Mark has made the bow bulletproof inside as well as outside.







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