Emergency Boat Build for CRM

May 11, 2016  Hours spent building to date:  2,480

kayak 3 for dean

Cappy and DH paddling C15 small

Had to take a break from boatbuilding to build a boat.  We have a new design for the Connecticut River Boatbuilding Workshop this year, the Cappy 15 kayak.  Due to weather delays, scheduling delays, and very understandable work priorities of a key volunteer, I had to take over prototype building (with a big help from Ray).

This is normally the type of boat that would be built by an amateur over a period of weeks or months a few hours at a time.  We had to figure out how to build it over the two and a half days we have for the workshop.  But I think we have everything all set, although I will be heading over to the CRM daily until all the paint is on.  It really looks good so far and the Museum staff really likes what we have come up with.  All credit to Dave Hemenway for what looks to be a terrific boat.

I managed a few hours on the Tardis:

— Sanded and faired the rubrail to get it ready for varnish.

— Ray and I got one roof panel fiberglassed.  Fairly easy because it’s almost flat, but it seems like glassing a tennis court when you are up there.

— I built a cabinet for the electrical panel and built-in electronic gear:  battery monitor, gas gauges, IPod dock, USB outlets.

— Did a little plumbing, putting together a manifold for the tank vents, and running hose from the water pump under the fridge.  John is coming home from college this weekend, and we have to get the fridge in to get it out of the way and start wiring.

rail finished

roof glass going on

electrical cabinet

vent manifold

hose under sink

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