Brief Update

November 29, 2016   Time spent building to date:  3,103


Thanks to all those who have asked about Molly.  The operation went well and she is walking better than when she went in.  But since she had to have a general anesthetic due to a previous back surgery, she was feeling a little off the first couple days and is still in rehab.  Since the beautiful rehab place is a two-hour drive from here, I haven’t spent much time on the Tardis, only a few hours here and there to preserve my sanity.

Put in an LED cockpit light which is independently fused and  hooked to the bilge pump “always hot” bus.  That means you can climb onto the boat on a dark night after several weeks away and simply hit a switch to flood the cockpit with light and unlock the door, turn on the battery switch, etc.  Since the electrical panel is backlit, this also helps to get the boat up and running at night.  A huge improvement over Memsahib, since to get to the panel and switches you had to crawl under the helm seat, open a door and literally “feel” for the breakers.

Rolled the final topcoat onto the deckhouse, important since the windows are supposed to arrive Friday.  I would rate the paint job as “B-.”  Hard and smooth, but a few holidays and rough spots.   I need to get the boat out into the daylight and away from shop dust for a really good final finish.

New cockpit light

New cockpit light

New cockpit light on

New cockpit light on

Deckhouse sides are looking pretty shiny

Deckhouse sides are looking pretty shiny

Aft side of deckhouse with final finish

Aft side of deckhouse with final finish



2 comments on “Brief Update

  1. Richard Curtis
    November 30, 2016 at 1:45 pm #

    Simply marvelous craftsmanship! What are the plans for the boat after you finish it? I understand that it’s trailer-able but how will you use it? Just day trips? Something more adventuresome?


  2. Lisa
    December 18, 2016 at 1:56 pm #



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