May 10, 2017  Hours spent building to date: 3,471

Great news from the WoodenBoat show:  The Chief Executive Coordinator of I Built It Myself Projects (Patty) has approved Tardis for the show:  on the trailer in all her glory.  Since most IBIM boats are canoes, daysailers or runabouts, this should be something to see.  The show is June 30 through July 2.

Work on the engine and steering gear continues, slowed up a bit waiting for a part, but since we leave for Ohio tomorrow for John’s graduation, it doesn’t make much difference.

Since I have read all the manuals and done a lot of the woodwork, I understood the installation in principal, but seeing it I realize how incredibly complicated this is.  All the lines have been run except the autopilot, and it will be a clean, waterproof installation.  They are really spoiling the Tardis by keeping her inside.

I actually did some work on the boat today, building the tabernacle for the mast.  And Ray has been working away on his 1947 Herreshoff 12.5, the most famous small keelboat every designed.  We re-started some of the structural work in earnest today after a winter break.  The work we did last fall (new transom plank, new hood ends on a couple planks, repaired and sistered ribs) still looks pretty good.  She will definitely see the water this summer.

All this is somehow needed to make the boat go left, right or straight

Makes sense to me

Steering control computer and hydraulic pump

The engine is about ready to go on

Skookum has moved into the shop

Skookum is in good shape and Ray has already done a lot of work


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