May 18, 2017  Hours spent building to date:  3,741  Hours spent waiting for the damn engine:  504

Got back from John’s graduation Tuesday and headed down to the engine shop to get ready to drop the Tardis in:

To find that not a lick of work had been done in all the time we’d been in Ohio.

Finally got the story today as to why, which was about as expected:  a special cable needed for the install has to come from SeaStar in Canada, through customs,  to the U.S. distributor, then to Atlantic Outboard in Westbrook.  Four stops.   In addition, the distributor knew Atlantic Outboard needed the part, but forgot to order it.

I don’t blame Paul Cusson and Atlantic for this (although communication could have been better), since he warned me that it was a tricky installation and if parts had to come from SeaStar/Teleflex, it would be slow.

So we are off to Ireland until May 31 and a somewhat embarrassed Atlantic will keep the Tardis warm and safe in their shop.

John aced his course in Global Supply Chain Management.  We should definitely put SeaStar on the resume list.

It’s good to have a Miami University of Ohio BS in Engineering Management (Electrical and Computer) in the family


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