New Launch Plan

June 6, 2017

I returned home from Ireland last week to find that the engine was on the boat, but not much else had been done.  Atlantic Outboard says they will definitely wrap up this week, but given the time this has taken after what seemed like such a promising start, I have been forced to come up with a new launch plan:

When the boat gets done, we will put it in using the TravelLift at the marina next door, and will test and shake down the boat using Atlantic’s marina as a base.  Then, when I am satisfied that everything is okay with the boat and I know enough about the engine operation and steering system to go solo, we will put it BACK on the trailer at Atlantic and the ever-helpful Tom Tolla will haul it back to my shop in Guilford.

I was going to do the final engine cover, flooring, mast, seating, etc. with the boat in the water at Guilford Yacht Club (and maybe go for a boat ride or two.)  But having the boat at the shop with access to power tools, materials (and Ray and John!) I should be able to get everything wrapped up for the WoodenBoat Show June 30-July 2.  The actual champagne-smash naming ceremony will be either Saturday or Sunday at the show.

I have been doing a lot of work on Ray’s boat, the Museum’s steamboat and the kits for the boatbuilding workshop during the excruciating wait for the engine, but that is really only methadone to keep me on a somewhat even keel.  Nothing beats the high of working on the Tardis, and I will be pretty strung out until she is back.



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