Cushions Are In

August 11, 2017  Hours spent building to date:  3,898

The cabin cushions became sort of a meandering “they will be ready next week” project somewhat like the engine install, but like the engine, they came out perfectly in terms of fit and quality from “Nautical Needles” in Westbrook.  Price was exactly what I paid for a 22 foot cruising boat 35 or so years ago, but competitive here on the 1% Coast.

We like the color so far — fairly light, but with enough pattern not to show every spec of dirt.  I have promised myself a nap in the berth area soon to check comfort.

With the cushions in, I could finish the dinette floors and establish the height for a permanent helm seat base.  It came out looking nice and very solid.  John and I were out for quite a while today doing engine efficiency tests and it was very comfortable, although I still need to fiddle a bit with the height and fore-and-aft adjustments just a bit to maximize visibility.

We also launched Chris Greaves magnificent 121-year old glass cabin steam launch Loon yesterday and got her over the Museum this morning after a night on the pumps.  It’s been at least five years since she’s seen the water, so was pretty much a colander going in, but by the time we left today maybe a couple gallons an hour coming in versus a couple gallons a minute yesterday.

Forecabin cushions. The ones on the sides are used to make up the bed in the dinette.

Dinette cushions.

Helm seat base going in.

Helm seat in final position.

Loom — 121 years young.



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