Great Boat, Great Cruise

September 13, 2017  Hours spent building to date:  3,930

We planned to head east last Tuesday, but an ugly cold front was lurking to our west, so we went Thursday instead and were glad we did during the rain and thunder on Wednesday.  Thursday was sunny and dry, so we decided to make the run to Newport in one day, not bad on Tardis, but a really long day under sail.

There were lots of left-over waves from the front and a pretty stiff wind, but directly in back of us.  We saw 2-3 footers in the Sound and 3-5 in the open stretch between Watch Hill and Point Judith.  Then on the approaches to Newport where the waves fetch from Africa and the wind hauled south to blow up Narragansett Bay, we had 4-6 for about a half hour and poor John lost his lunch.  Tardis handled this beautifully, accelerating from 10 knots to 12-13 down the wave fronts and 15 in the heavy stuff.  She is light enough that she only stuck her nose into an upcoming wave once, and cutting back a couple knots stopped that altogether.  Tardis is really not meant for this type of going, but its good to know she can handle it.

We really don’t stay in Newport anymore, but at Connanicut Marina on Jamestown Island.  It is quieter, cheaper and a only 20-minute ferry ride from Newport past some of the most beautiful boats and houses in New England.  Molly came up and relieved John, so we played tourist in Newport for a day, then headed for Wickford, RI.  Surprise — Molly was actually on the boat while it was in motion for all 12 miles, and liked it fine (even after I butchered undocking from a tight space with a crosswind).  Wickford is one of the beautiful 17-18th century villages I love, with a totally protected marina with a great staff.

Trip back with John was very uneventful, with an overnight in Stonington, flat seas, no wind and the autopilot driving all the way.  To get through Watch Hill Passage and into Stonington, you used to look for the lighthouse, but now the best landmark is Taylor Swift’s little vacation home which can be seen for miles.

Off to sea

Rollers coming into Newport

Connanicut Marina — beautiful, quiet and a 20-minute ferry ride to Newport

While waiting for weather, installed stays on the mast. Very shippy.

If I had $1.5 million, Tardis could become the tender to this 60-foot Alden motorsailer — wooden of course

Taylor’s cottage

Stonington stills loves sailboats…

…but to get in close you have to have a Hinckley

SAT question: Architects are to marriage counselors as coal miners are to: 1) podiatrists 2) eskimos
3) piano tuners


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