Ready to Go (I Think)

September 4, 2017   Hours :  3,944

One of my marina neighbors asked the other day, “Any problems with the boat?”  And I replied, “The only problem with the boat is that I can’t seem to get it DONE!”

I have only been working on the Tardis in my “spare time” so the floor finishing, helm chair installation, deck sealing, cabin leak chasedown, anchor gear installation, mast rebuild and radio installation seem to have taken forever.

But while a lot of finish work remains, all essential gear is on board and working and we are taking off for Narragansett Bay tomorrow.  It should be a good test for the Tardis.  The stretch between Fishers Island Sound and Pt. Judith is about the only piece of open ocean she will ever see and the forecast is for pretty “sporty” wind and wave conditions.

The plan is for John and I  to work our way up to Stonington, CT,  then to Jamestown, Rhode Island, then Molly will come up, John will come home, and we will cruise through Newport and up to Wickford.  Then John will come back and we will bring the boat home through Mystic.

That’s not a long cruise for us and is in familiar waters, but we spent all day loading bedding, clothes, kitchen gear and tools, since everything that was already on Memsahib, has to be loaded from scratch on Tardis.  But thanks to the shuttling cars, we will be able to retrieve all the items we have forgotten.

Radio/AIS installation.

Mast number 2 is up with anchor light and radio antenna.

With the radio antenna that high, I’m getting great performance.

One comment on “Ready to Go (I Think)

  1. Kristin Browne
    September 5, 2017 at 9:56 am #

    It looks so great! Sounds like you’re coming our way! If you make it to Bristol Harbor, call us up! We would love to pay you a visit on the water! Safe trip! It’s small craft out there today!


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