Catching Up

February 3, 2018

I found the tiny cord to hook the computer to the camera, so I wanted to do some catching up, largely to praise two important teams who really made the trip south and launch easy.  More news on actual boat work will come shortly, but pictures are just not wanting to save to the computer right now.

Chadd Mowrey of Mowrey Transport hooked the Tardis to his big truck a week ago last Thursday in howling winds and 25 degree temperatures.  It was brutal.  But the trip was uneventful, as I expected it would be based on the recommendation of my friend Pat Harris and talking to Chadd (and his banker/sidekick Tracy) many times setting up the trip and during the hookup.  Chadd and Tracy were dropping off and picking up motorcycles all the way south, but since they don’t sleep and I do, we wound up in Vero simultaneously.

Once in Vero Saturday noon, Chadd, Matt Griffin of Absolute Marine Services and I made an important decision.  Lifting the Tardis off the trailer is expensive and complicated.  Matt said he could ramp-launch her with no damage to the trailer, and Chadd agreed, so Matt dropped everything and put a winch and towing eye on the trailer and Monday we hauled her to the ramp.  Piece of cake!  All of a sudden Pat and I were put-putting down the Indian River.  (I wish I had pictures, but was just two busy trying not to sink the boat).

I had been emailing back and forth with Lisa Griffin for months (we are now Pen Pals) setting up a pretty small job, but she understood my concerns, and everything worked out great.  Chadd and Tracy and Lisa and Matt are interesting, high quality people, and now they are my friends.

I guess when you are bringing a boat south that is a fully-insured copy of 1,000 other boats, you don’t think too much about it.  But when you spend 4,000 hours building a one-of-a-kind, you do.  Having really professional help along the way is very comforting.

I don’t like to publish email addresses on the blog, but if you want to contact Chadd, send me a private email through WordPress.  Google Absolute Marine Services, Vero Beach, FL for the Griffins.

Will all this stuff fit in my little Subaru?


Chadd hooking the Tardis up.

Pearl the Pekinese handles the really heavy stuff for Team Mowrey

Only 1,400 miles to go!

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