Cruising at Last

Jan 31, 2018

It was a long haul and a lot of work by a lot of people, but Tardis is now safely moored at beautiful Suntex Marina in Vero Beach, FL.

I can’t find the tiny little cord that hooks my camera to the computer, so I only have a phone picture, but details on the haul and Suntex will follow.

We left Guilford last Thursday in 20-degree windy, freezing weather so our transporters Chadd Mowry and his sidekick Tracy made quick work of hooking up Tardis and getting her on the road.  They did a fabulous job — nothing went wrong, great communication, and we arrived in Vero Sataturday within a few minutes of one another.

After a weekend resting up at the beautiful home of my great friends Pat and Julia Harris (and riding in the chase boat for the Youth Sailing Foundation!) we launched Monday.  Matt and Lisa from Absolute Marine Services got the boat ready, adding a bow eye and winch, since we decided that down here we could ramp launch without screwing up the trailer.  In she went and up to Suntex with Pat crewing for another adventure in docking because this is one of those slips where you tie up to pilings and have to BACK IN!

Since then, just a lot of work, details of which will follow when I can get the camera going.



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