Another Olga and a Luna!

February 14, 2020

Somehow I missed the launch last December of Friedbert Hennemuth’s exquisite Luna.  This is indeed the “Luna” version of Mark’s Olga 28 design with a small diesel coupled to a saildrive.

What beautiful work!  Folks give me a hard time about the amount of brightwork I have on the Tardis, but Friedbert has me beat.

Luna is totally optimized for cruising the European canals, and the interior is just one innovation after another.  I stuck pretty close to Mark’s standard layout with a few modifications for the type of long-term cruising I planned, a lot of it in Florida (I love my big, screened windows).  Friedbert has really shown what you can do with a great basic hull and tons of imagination.

Here is a link to his website:     If you open it in Chrome and right-click “translate” it comes out in pretty good English.  A few pictures are below.

Also moving along in North Carolina are builder Syste Marten Douna and his supervising engineer Ton Schoenmakers.  Here are pictures of Arnhem in its incredible rollover device and more examples of the precision woodwork and glasswork that are going into this boat.  I will probably heading down the ICW in the fall of 2021, and hope we can have an Olga 28 rendezvous in Oriental.

One comment on “Another Olga and a Luna!

  1. Ton Schoenmakers
    March 4, 2020 at 10:33 pm #

    Paul, thanks for you upgrading my gofer status.
    I already had pulled many pictures from Friedbert’s Luna build, and my German is still good enough to translate. If there is ever a Westminster ‘boat show’ I know where the blue ribbons will go.
    I also had the opportunity to travel to Amsterdam with my wife last month, and visited the National Maritime Museum (Scheepvaartmuseum) there.
    If you, or any other bog followers, ever get the opportunity to get there, I would highly recommend it.
    They have a hand-built replica of the ‘Amsterdam’, a 1748 built 157′ VOC ship that grounded on it’s maiden voyage near Hastings.

    It was a re-visit for me. I saw the ship when it was just completed in august 1990 (and took many pictures) while employed by one of the sponsors of the building project, Alcatel.
    If you want me (and I’m sure you are) I will digitize those 35mm pictures for you an send them. The ship now is much more a museum exhibit. Not a piece where the cotton stitching is still sticking out of the planks.

    On the Olga, we are progressing, As of 3/2020, we are working on the front dech and beams


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