Covid Canoe Launched!

October 13, 2020

The new canoe is beautiful, light (32 pounds), easily handled, and fast.

BUT MY GOD IT IS TIPPY! See video here:

I finally got going after two dips in the Neck River, after figuring out paddling a skinny canoe is like riding a bike:

a) You have to know how to ride a bike

b) You have to have build up some speed to increase the stability.

But even then, I still worry that hitting a wake coming beam on would put her right over.  Not normally a big deal since where I plan to paddle, once you dump you just stand up and go to shore.  On the other hand, there might not be other paddlers around in an extreme situation and next weekend I will turn 70.   So I have come up with a solution…which you will see in the next post.

I wondered (as you must wonder) why this project took so long.  What I’ve learned is that the canoe has just as many pieces (or more) as a much bigger boat, they are just smaller.  And it is epoxy and glass, so every single step requires at least overnight curing, and before paint, even more:

Apply fairing (cure),  sand and fair again (cure), fair again(cure), glass outside (cure),  fill coat (cure), fair glass (cure), fair again (cure).  Repeat with inside.  4 coats of primer and paint outside.  4 coats of primer and paint inside. Six coats of varnish. 

And usually the inside of a boat isn’t super-finished what with frames and floors and furniture, etc.  But every inch shows in this one, so it had to look decent.

But the process yields a super-strong hull.  I used 6 oz. “S-glass” on the outside, a fabric that has an extra strand of some sort of aramid fiber woven in and 4 oz. “E-glass” on the inside so it would drape.  The epoxy is West 207 which soaks into everything (including the wood).

I have included some pictures of the process.


I can carry the canoe around with one hand pretty easily.

Finally got going.

Faired out with “cheater coat” of epoxy applied.

Outside glass going on.

Outside glassed.

Outside primed.

Inside glass going on. Not easy getting it around all those curves.

Glassed inside.

Gunwales on.


Varnish going on.


One comment on “Covid Canoe Launched!

  1. Ramon George Gaulke
    October 14, 2020 at 7:20 am #

    Loved the video especially Mollys coment to”start in a pool”

    Best Ray


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