What Every Sailor Wants…

… A Trimaran! After the tippiecanoe episode, I determined that some sort of solution other than a miraculous reversion to my 20-40 year old self was in order. I received several suggestions, among which was building another canoe just like the first and linking them together Polynesian style.

But that led me to Google to punch in “amas” and that led to “outriggers.” Apparently there are many people ( fishermen who cast standing up and 10-year-olds who don’t swim well) who need more stability from their kayaks and canoes.

So I chose a pair of $50 Hobie-knockoff inflatable floats from China as a test bed and went to work. They are actually decent quality — heavy plastic, good valves. I guess I could carry a spare in the boat in case of a puncture. But, yes, they do look a lot like training wheels.

Anyway, the Mark II version of the canoe featured a crosspiece right across the boat. It worked decently, cut the outriggers were a little shy of the water and when I paddled, I hit the tips. So for Mark III I lowered the floats a bit and moved them back about 7″ from the seat.

That version seems to work great — although in my haste to test it out I forgot my paddle!!

The year on Tardis ended with an overnight cruise on the extraordinary Connecticut River almost to Middletown. From the time I owned a cruising boat, that was a trip I wanted to take, but just never got around to it. This may well be Tardis’s last year in southern New England, so it was a fitting period, if that’s what it turns out to be.

The first video below is of Mark II handling a gigantic, tsumami-type powerboat wake. The second is Mark III sans paddle.

One comment on “What Every Sailor Wants…

  1. eric brazil
    December 5, 2020 at 1:49 pm #

    Paul..As usual we enjoyed the Tardis post but wondered at the line about this might be the boat’s last year insouthern New England. What’s up? Moving? Hope all is well in this crazy time. Love, Mary Jo and Eric. >


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