First Overnight

August 27, 2017  Hours spent building to date:  3,924

John and I took the Tardis up the Connecticut River to Brewer’s Deep River Marina last week for a short cruise to check out basic capabilities:

— Refrigerator worked

— Hot water heater worked

— Water pressure worked

— Head worked (but forgot toilet paper holder and therefore toilet paper)

— Berths are quite comfortable.

— Autopilot didn’t work.  Back at the dock I think I figured it out — the power steering system basically controls communications with all other systems, so if you don’t have the AP on when you start, the steering thinks it’s not there.

Brewers is behind an island off the river, and is a beautiful, quiet spot.  Successful docking coming and going now that the bow thruster works and I am getting used to the boat.  Molly drove over for dinner, and the next morning Ray and Sydney brought up a totally gourmet breakfast for our intrepid crew.

It was pretty bumpy going back with a southwest wave set and strong wind from the north, putting 2-3 foot waves up in every direction.  But we soldiered on at 9 knots for about three hours with no problem other than big slamming wakes from huge powerboats going way too fast and way too close to a small fry like us.

In actual boat work, the anchor, chain, stopper and hawse pipe are in, the cockpit is all sealed with hatch sealing tape and the mast has been rebuilt.  Also have had to spend a lot of time working on the steamboats Osprey and Loon — totally rebuilt the Osprey’s steering system with fantastic machining from Chris Greaves and put a new bilge pump in the Loon today.

After Labor Day we’re taking a pretty long cruise up in Narragansett Bay, which will be a good test for the Tardis since we’ll be out in the ocean for a long leg of the trip.

Anchor — a 22 lb Delta

Anchor gear

Connecticut River Museum from the water. Old boat is a beautiful replica of Adrian Block’s Onrust, the first European ship up the Connecticut River in 1614.

The River is just one beautiful view after another.

Brewer’s looking upriver.

Brewers looking downriver.


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